About the WBID

What is the West Broadway Improvement District?

The West Broadway Improvement District (WBID) or sometimes referred to nationally as a Business Improvement District (BID) is a tool that allows property owners in a commercial district to collectively assess themselves to fund special amenities and enhanced services. BID’s have been operating in the United States for over 30 years, and have consistently shown a proven impact on tenancy and property values of the neighborhoods in which they operate. In the City of Minneapolis, there are 18 Business Improvement Districts.

Who manages the WBID? 

In the City of Minneapolis, there are 18 Business Improvement Districts, of which 16 of those districts are managed by City of Minneapolis Public Works staff. The West Broadway Improvement District is one of broadway-adopt-a-shelter-threeonly two districts in the City that is NOT managed by City staff. The non-profit organization the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition manages the day to day operations of the district. By being self-managed, we enjoy a number of advantages over City run districts such as:

  • Greater flexibility in providing services due to streamlined procurement requirements
  • Greater speed in providing services due to streamlined procurement requirements
  • Reduced difficulty when holding service vendors accountable for performance issues
  • Higher accountability on behalf of management organization due to district sunset requirement
How is it funded? 

WBID programs and services are funded by an annual special assessment. The WBID staff and Board of Directors leverage this assessment to raise additional funds to invest in these programs. The WBID assessment is billed on the annual property tax bills, and is collected by the City along with property taxes. The funds are then disbursed monthly to the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition to run the district per the Operating Plan. Commercial, industrial, and tax exempt properties whom have voluntarily opted into the district are subject to the WBID assessment.

West Broadway Improvement District Goals:

The West Broadway Improvement District provides funding for an enhanced level of service for the West Broadway business district.  The services currently being provided contribute to a more cohesive, cleaner, safer, and greener streetscape. The intent of the district is not to replace existing city services but to provide a higher level of service than what is currently being provided.

Using the West Broadway Alive Plan, the small area plan adopted in 2009, as a guiding document, the steering committee identified several goals and activities related to the mission of the WBID. Identified goals and activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Create a cleaner, safer, greener, and more beautiful West Broadway
  • Decrease in litter and graffiti
  • Decrease crime and perception of crime
  • Increased presence and maintenance of public art, seasonal decorations, banners, benches, garbage cans, etc.
  • Increased eyes on the streetbroadway-adopt-a-shelter-two
  • Increase greenery
  • Increase commerce within the business district
  • Change negative perceptions
  • Improve promotion of West Broadway businesses and cultural opportunities
  • Attract new businesses and development

To learn more about how the WBID operates see the WBID Business Plan 

District Boundaries:

The WBID provides services along West Broadway from West River Road to 26th Avenue N and along Washington Ave N from 17th Ave N to 21st Ave N.  See map below.