Technical Assistance Partners

The WBC works with various business technical assistance providers that offer financing, coaching and other support. Call our office for a referral.

City of Minneapolis

City financing programs, market or demographic information

Jim Terrell, Senior Project Coordinator, Business Development, City of Minneapolis CPED  Office: 612-673-5022

Questions about permitting, zoning, or other regulatory questions

Jim Voll, City of Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development, (612) 673-3887 or

US Bank (West Broadway)

US Bank is a active financial institution on West Broadway. They offer checking and savings accounts, credit cards, loans, investment services, and financial advising. As a community partner of WBC, US Bank offers access to financial resources to support WBC membership with Small Business Assessments and Financial Review.

For more information on hours or technical info, or set up an appointment, please check the website and let them know your WBC membership status for member-only benefits.


NEON (Northside Economic Opportunity Network) is a business development nonprofit that was established in 2006. Their main mission is to help north Minneapolis thrive economically and to achieve this goal they work collaboratively with several partners and businesses.

NEON provides technical assistance and resources for businesses to help them recover. Some of the available services are as follow:

  • Marketing
  • Space Design/Site Selection
  • Business Plan Development
  • Repairs
  • Trainings
  • Pro-bono Legal Assistance for leases, insurance and contracts.

For more information or to contact NEON please check the website.


WomenVenture has worked with women of all ages, cultures, races and income levels with tools and resources to achieve economic success through small business ownership. WomenVenture offers information sessions, classes, loans, and entrepreneurship training. Contact 612-224-9540 or visit the website at


MEDA (Minority Economic Development Agency) is a non-profit that help entrepreneurs of ethnic minorities flourish. They provide business consulting and many other services to new and existing businesses who are dedicated to create jobs, involve communities and grow.

Some of the available resources offered by MEDA are:

  • Business consulting
  • Financing and loan program
  • Government contracting/procurement
  • Training and networking
  • Volunteer/mentor program

For more information or to contact MEDA please check the website.


MCCD (Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers) is an association of community development organizations who work towards housing and economic development of neighborhoods. They promote community-based projects, collaborative efforts and long-term strategic planning.

The members of MCCD are various organizations and coalitions with different approaches to community development. MCCD facilitate communication and collaboration between the members and support their work. Services provided by MCCD are:

  • Small business loan program
  • Economic development
  • Affordable housing development

For more information about MCCD’s work and available opportunities please click here.


Neighborhood Development Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to empower entrepreneurs to promote bottom-up approaches in transforming low income communities.

Services offered by NDC are as follow:

  • Entrepreneur training program
  • Small business consulting
  • Small business lending and reba-free financing
  • Small business incubators
  • Capacity building programs
  • Community collaboratives

To read more about NDC and their available services and programs, please click here.