Shop Northside


Shop Northside 

The Shop Northside initiative has two main parts: 1) building the market for existing Northside businesses 2) hosting retail spaces and frameworks for emerging vendors/businesses and diversify the retail offerings on the Northside. 

In 2017 WBC opened its first Shop Northside storefront at 931 West Broadway in a City owned building. The process of that Shop Northside activation also helped catalyze the development partnership of Phillips Foundation, Tri-Construction and New Rules which will begin renovation of that entire building in later 2019. Until renovation WBC will continue to host retail, community and cultural events and projects in 931. 

In April 2019 we will host two Shop Northside spaces on Nicollet Mall, including a Northside Beauty & Barbershop themed space, in collaboration with the Downtown Council, Chameleon Consortium an other partners. Downtown Shop Northsides build on past success of WBC led Northside Holiday Boutiques in skyway storefronts in 2015 and 2016, and the April 2019 launch of the Chameleon Consortium is timed to take advantage of the heightened activity surrounding the Final Four. 

Shop Northside videos, photos and interviews feature area businesses and entrepreneurs on our social media identities of West Broadway Coalition, NorthMPLS, FLOW, and others, as well as media and community partners organized through the Northside Communications Group. 

The process toward more Shop Northsides includes both the ongoing exploration of potential next spaces as well as building the capacity and customer base of the many vendors in our growing network.