Range of Motion Wellness

Range of Motion Wellness
1724 Fremont Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Phone: (612) 205-7644



Owner: Jeremy Morris
Services: Personal training, worksite wellness consultation, and lifestyle concierge

Expand your range. Unleash your life.

I have a passion for fitness, and I believe everyone is entitled to live their life to its fullest. As an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer I bring several years experience in training clients one-on-one and group settings. Everyone learns differently and has different physical and and emotional transformative needs.
My goal is to bring my experience and passion to you, in your home, at your workplace, wherever it works best for you. I don’t believe that fitness comes from a gym any more than it comes from a packaged food or fad diet. You make your health happen and can do it anywhere. It takes the will and the effort, everything else is optional.

Bodywieght exercises, functional movement (moves that improve everyday life and are useful), progressive adaptations, home-gym development, worksite health and wellness programming, finding the right doctor, finding the right equipment, and the motivation you need to keep it all going.

Hours: Monday – Saturday, Custom