Help WBC Win Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge

Would you like to see a North Minneapolis website to serve as a visitor and residents’ guide to the Northside?
Do you like our work? If yes, write a testimonial about the West Broadway Coalition and help us win the The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge and make our North Minneapolis website dreams come true…overnight!
“The Nerdery is a developer driven interactive production company that partners with creative minds and big thinkers to engineer and execute their interactive projects, including websites, mobile and social media… In the first five years of The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge, volunteers have freely given about 3 million dollars worth of professional web development services to 96 nonprofit organizations.
How it works:
1. We applied for the Challenge
2. You leave testimonials on our profile the challenge’s website and help us get chosen by February 8th
  • Talk about how our Business Committee, Facade Improvement Program, West Broadway Farmers Market, FLOW Northside Arts Crawl, resource brokering or other business and community programs have positively impacted you and the Northside’s main business corridor.
3. We stay up for 26 hours straight with Nerdery volunteers as they build us the website on March 9-10
The more testimonials, the better our chances! Leave one here!
About the Website:
The WBC wants to create a new, mobile-compatible website that serves as a visitor and resident’s guide to North Minneapolis. Our colleagues at The Lake Street Council have had much success with, a website that celebrates the businesses, communities and going-ons of Lake Street. Like the Lake Street Council, the WBC will host the website, but the website’s purpose is to promote North Minneapolis, not WBC programs.
The North Minneapolis website will:
  • combine a business directory, neighborhood resources and institutions, public art, events, area guide, area map, community calendar, local employment opportunities, etc.
  • host user-generated content; for example, residents can enter a historic photo, a new art installation, or review a restaurant
  • use mapping to direct users to a specific destination chosen by topic
  • help people participate in FLOW Northside Arts Crawl and other community events.
  • Increase navigability and project the image of a unified, connected North Minneapolis
  • inform the public about the cultural, commercial and leisure offerings of the North Minneapolis community
  • help visitors and community members better navigate North Minneapolis, therefore facilitating healthy commerce, development and community building

Post a testimonial today! The more heartfelt and detailed the better, but short testimonials are great too!
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