WBC Staff

Staff bios available below

Hannah Gary
Communications and Programs Coordinator

Farrington Llewellyn
Outreach and Communications Specialist 

Dudley Voigt (Contractor)
FLOW Artistic Director

Staff Biographies

Hannah Gary Hannah Gary holds MURP and MPH degrees from the University of Minnesota, as well as a BA in Geography from the University of Georgia. Her graduate studies focused on the role of creative engagement for community development and developing more equitable decision making processes. Prior to working with WBC, Hannah worked on arts-based engagement projects as an intern with Public Art St. Paul. She will be working with WBC on administering the facade improvement grant program, offering business technical and marketing assistance, and coordinating communications.



Farrington Llewellyn graduated from Augsburg College with a BFA in Communications Studies: PR and Advertisement. Prior to WBC, Farrington worked at Bedlam Theater, a non-profit organization in Lowertown Saint Paul. His work at Bedlam led him down a path of documentation and telling the stories of various intersections of communities around the Twin Cities. Diversifying his job description, He eventually started doing Creative Placemaking in at-risk neighborhoods, which led to him meeting the WBC in 2014. Increased involvement in programs like Play on Penn and FLOW Northside Arts Crawl led to him helping coordinate Open Streets for the 1st time ever on West Broadway in 2016.  Farrington has an equal passion for 1.) Sharing his Story through music and poetry.  2.) Sharing the Stories of others through documentation, media and event production. 3.) Building community through celebration, real connections and creative organizing.

Dudley Voigt is the founder and Artistic Director of FLOW Northside Arts Crawl. She has transformed vacant spaces into event, gallery, and performing arts spaces throughout the Northside. In addition, Dudley has created, produced, directed and stage-managed theatrical productions, educational tours and community programs and events as a freelancer for almost 20 years. In her role at the WBC, Dudley utilizes her relationships with area artists, businesses and arts institutions to orchestrate creative pop up events and installations that activate space and create unique experiences.