WBC Staff and Program Leads

Felicia Perry
Business Resources Coordinator

Shemeka Bogan
Event and Project Coordinator

DeVon Nolen
Interim Executive Director

Farrington Llewellyn
Engagement Strategist  


Felicia Perry  leapt from her success as a business loan officer and credit union training specialist to build a multifaceted career as an ARTtrepreneur, with feeperella, a couture clothing line that has gained national attention, as a producer of interactive events, a professional dancer with Ananya Dance Theatre, host of “DesignHER Life ” at 98.9 KRSM Community Radio station as well as Co host of “Healthy Roots” with Lachelle Cunningham at 104.7 WEQY in St. Paul. Felicia serves on the Executive Committee of the Association for Black Economic Power (ABEP) and a founding board member of the new Village Trust Cooperative. A graduate of Patrick Henry and long time Northside, Felicia joined WBC in 2018 to take over coordination of Open Streets West Broadway and build event capacity, before shifting to the fulltime Business Resources Coordinator in fall 2018. 

Shemeka Bogan joined the staff in Jan 2019 to bring continuity to vendor access and engagement across Northside events, both WBC led events and broadly through the NorthMPLS identity. Shemeka has become a go-to event planner for Northside entrepreneurs in recent years, through NEON signature events, as a founder of the Strong Roots Foundation, as a lead collaborator with the Minnesota Orchestra to build Northside relations, and the NorthMPLS lead to shape the new Chameleon Collaborative with the Minneapolis Downtown Council. Shemeka comes to WBC from Pulse Outreach which working nationally from Northeast Minneapolis, and is a longtime member of Shiloh Temple, an anchor Northside institution.

Farrington Llewellyn graduated from Augsburg College with a BFA in Communications Studies: PR and Advertisement. Prior to WBC, Farrington worked at Bedlam Theater, a non-profit organization in Lowertown Saint Paul. His work at Bedlam led him down a path of documentation and telling the stories of various intersections of communities around the Twin Cities. Diversifying his job description, He eventually started doing Creative Placemaking in at-risk neighborhoods, which led to him meeting the WBC in 2014. Increased involvement in programs like Play on Penn and FLOW Northside Arts Crawl led to him helping coordinate Open Streets for the 1st time ever on West Broadway in 2016.  Farrington has an equal passion for 1.) Sharing his Story through music and poetry.  2.) Sharing the Stories of others through documentation, media and event production. 3.) Building community through celebration, real connections and creative organizing.