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800 West Broadway Ave800 Building Photo

Year Built: 1925

Parcel Area: 30, 840 sq. ft.

Owner: Hennepin County

Hennepin County Contact: Jonathan Lipinski, 612.348.3925,

City of Minneapolis Contact: Beth Grosen, 612.673.5002,


927 West Broadway Ave927 West Broadway Pic

Owner: City of Minneapolis

Contact: Beth Grosen, 612.673.5002,









1001 West Broadway Pic

1001 West Broadway Ave

Owner: City of Minneapolis

Contact: Beth Grosen, 612.673.5002,






1506-1510 West Broadway Ave1506-1510 Photo

Area: 4,484 sq. ft.

Tenants: Fully leased

Contact: Manoj Moorjani of Calhoun Companies, 952.564.3824


1516 West Broadway Photo1524 West Broadway Ave

Build Year: 1984

Area: 4,800 sq. ft.

Property Type: Commercial

Last Sale Date: December 2006

List Price: $395,000

Agent: Greg Hiniker, 612-868-0724, Presidium Properties,

Google Map


1517-1531 West Broadway Ave

Build Year: 1911

Area: 4,000 – 12,000 sq. ft.

Property Type: Commercial (no auto related use allowed)

Owner: 1531 Broadway LLC

Contact: Larry or Paul,  612.872.6707

Google Map


2038B Photo

2038 West Broadway Ave

Building Owner: American Legion

Area: 2,000 sq. ft.

Contact: Andrew Rose, 612.703.4392,                 




Olympic Cafe 2 Photo

2117 West Broadway Ave


Build Year: 1890

Area: 4,140 sq. ft.

Property Type: Commercial

Last Sale Date:

List Price: $349,000


Google Map




2500 West Broadway Photo

2500 West Broadway Ave

Contact: Garfield Clark Commercial, 612.868.8314,

Additional Information:

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