The West Broadway Business and Area Coalition’s mission is to create an inviting and vital West Broadway Corridor and to transform the Northside into a thriving economic community.

WBC builds capacity of businesses and entrepreneurs, highlights the positive and cultural assets of North Minneapolis, and engages the community in the ongoing revitalization of the West Broadway area. WBC curates community-identified activities designed to transform West Broadway into a thriving commercial corridor that meets the goods, service and entertainment needs of neighborhood residents, businesses, and visitors. Learn more about our current programs.



The West Broadway Business & Area Coalition was formed in the spring of 2007, as a result of the joining of the West Broadway Business Association and the West Broadway Area Coalition.

The West Broadway Business Association (WBBA) served as a non-profit membership organization which drew its membership from local businesses along the West Broadway Corridor. Its primary focus was to serve as a “chamber of commerce,” to support local business growth.

The West Broadway Area Coalition (WBAC) served with the mission to add life and vitality to the West Broadway corridor. The WBAC’s primary focus was connecting with the citizens of North Minneapolis in order to grow jobs for residents, assist new and existing businesses and improve safety and the physical environment of the West Broadway Corridor. After years of working together on a wide variety of community issues, the two organizations consolidated their efforts under one organization forming the West Broadway Business & Area Coalition (WBC).

The WBC now works to change the image of North Minneapolis by engaging in activities designed to transform West Broadway into a place where neighborhood residents go to purchase goods and services and to meet their social and entertainment needs.